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Auto AlphaTM

StyleShoots cuts out the background automatically and delivers full alpha transparency.

All-in-one studio

A setup with everything built-in saves space, hides all unecessary complexity, speeds up your workflow and ensures consistency in your output.

Light ControllerTM

Adjust the lighting by moving your finger on the iPad and instantly see the result.

Export Presets

Customizable dimensions, naming, quality and more.

Photos: JPG, PNG, TIFF and CR2.


Camera System

Canon EOS camera.
Canon 24-105mm lens.
Motorized Zoom.


High-CRI LED product lights fully adjustable through the iPad.

Active LED illuminated glass backlight with black/white effect.


Apple MacTM embedded, running the StyleShoots Core software.

Apple iPadTM running the native iOS StyleShoots controller app.

Custom electronics controlling the Camera, Zoom and Lighting.


Height: 260 cm / 8’ 6”
Width: 216 cm / 7’ 1”
Length: 282 cm / 9’ 3”


StyleShoots Core

The Core runs all image processing tasks, controls the camera, dims the backlight and orchestrates the lights.

StyleShoots iPad app

Native iOS app ensuring a robust and fluid control of all StyleShoots features.

StyleShoots Drive

Share files on your company network with StyleShoots Drive or save to USB.